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DuPont Corian

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Corian is a man made surface and is one of the few that can be moulded and shaped, Corian is also repairable & renewable and is the most well known of all the solid surfaces. The Joints in most colours can be seamless and inconspicuous. Corian is one of the most hygenic surfaces available to buy due to the fact that it is non porous meaning stains, mildew, mould and bacteria are unable to penetrate the surface, because of this Corian is not only used in household kitchens & bathrooms but is also used in Restaurants, Hospitals, Dental Surgeries and commercial applications around the world. 
Corian is one of the only surfaces that if chapped or scratched can be repaired and it also resists burns (although we would not recomend putting a hot pan directly from the oven onto any worksurface).
Corian gives you the ability to integrate sinks and create coved upstands and backsplashes which means there are no cracks to collect dirt or moisture. There is a huge choice of Corian colours and best of all whatever colour you choose your worktops will look fantastic. 

Corian Colours - the gallery below shows currently available colours. Please note that in
the fluorescent Corian shades, markings can appear more visible.